Paige & Jewett Cars, Parts & Information

I. I want to buy/sell a Paige/Jewett? What are they worth?

My personal recommendation is to start with your local old car club. The members can provide helpful information on the value and availability of old cars in general and of Paige and Jewett autos in particular. There are chapters of the Antique Automobile Club , the Horseless Carriage Club , and the Veteran Motor Car Club in many areas.

Another source for cars and parts is Hemming's Motor News , available on large newsstands. My impression is that sellers ask top dollar in their ads and that cars may actually change hands for less money.

As for value, I feel the value of Paige and Jewett autos, making allowance for condition and features, is comparable to makes like Dodge, Hudson, Essex, Studebaker, Erskine, Hupp, Hupmobile, Overland, Velie, Moon, Reo, Chandler and others. The exception is the 1921-23 Daytona speedster, which is the most desirable Paige-Detroit model and priced accordingly.

II. For Sale or Wanted

Contact me if you wish anything posted here.

Paige Motometer: I have a Paige radiator Motometer I'm looking to sell. Its in very good condition. Asking $650. Mark Nelepovitz (February 2017)

Automobile Wanted: Jewett or Paige in good working condition. Dan McLeod (April 2006)

1912 Paige: [1] Radiator in any condition, [2] gearbox or part in any condition, [3] clutch assembly, [4] full elliptic rear spring. Noel Adams (March 2011)

1913 Paige: Glenwood touring car, Model 36, body #10026. Restored in the '70s.  Took a First Senior in AACA afterward.  It's been stored for 15+ years but engine was occasionally turned over. Bill Roberts (July 2008)

Wanted: 1913-1915 Paige model 36 parts cars or parts. Need Stewart Carburetor model 12, Detroit split rims and lugs for 34 x 4 tires (26") Bob Kuehn Cell ph: 973-513-1745 New Jersey (August 2015)

1918 Paige: I have a 1918 Paige touring, would like info on finding another engine head, any engine and mechanical parts and/or repair manuals.  The engine is a large Continental 6 cylinder, approx. 300 Mel Easton (February 2004)

1918-1919 Paige Truck: Coming along well with the restoration but need the engine and clutch. Also looking for some detail pictures of the instrument and switch panel. Has Wood Hydraulics dump body. Lee Wall (August 2008)

1920 Paige 6-42 sedan: Looking for a water pump and valve cover. Jeff Stuart (September 2008)

1920 Paige: Continental motor wanted. Don Scheppelman (February 2012)

Paige Reference Book for Six-42 & Six-44 . Mike Huppert (March 2009)

1920 Paige 6-42: I have a Paige Light Six Sales Brochure for sale. Eight pages 7" x 8 1/4 ". Features the Six -42. Mint condition. Asking $50.00 post paid. Nelson Carpenter (January 2011)

1921 6-44 Glenbrook There are five parts I need; [1] Tail light, [2] dash light cover, [3] robe rail, and the [4] left and [5] right side bracket clamps that hold the roof bows when the top is down. David Green . Telephone 913-626-6301. (December 2009)  

1921 6-66 Daytona Speedster Nigel Plant (November 2015)

Arguably one of the most Iconic American sports cars of it’s era, an impressive, rare sporting American icon, with a good turn of speed and an impressive road presence. I am open to serious offers and prepared to consider something else in partial exchange, in any condition… I love a challenge, but it has to be something that appeals to me.

In January 1921 Paige took a stripped down version of their recently introduced 6-66 models to Daytona Beach and shattered the US stock car (production) records. It covered a measured mile in 35.1 seconds, a speed of 102.8 mph, the first American production car to be officially timed at over 100mph

To celebrate this achievement Paige introduced the Daytona Speedster, a limited edition 2 seater sports car with a third occasional seat - the ultimate “mother in law seat” - guaranteed over 80mph, fully road equipped. Fifty-six are known to have been built with probably not much more than half a dozen remaining.

My car is one from the first year of production 1921. Its history is known for the last sixty years. I bought the car as a stalled restoration, and have literally scoured the world to find various missing parts. Over the last 3 years the car has been totally stripped and rebuilt from a bare chassis up.

1923-? Paige radiator Have access to a 1923-? Paige radiator, and would like to see get reunited with a Paige automobile. Call Jim Eviston at 574 201 9280 for details. Photos: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

1923 Jewett 6 for sale: beautiful grey body and black mud wings; near showroom condition; fully restored twelve years ago; car is in Ireland. If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact me. Chris (August, 2014)

1923 Jewett. Trying to find plugs - points & condenser Norman Thibodeaux , Melfa, VA (10/15)

1925 or 1926 Paige Automobile: I have a Paige Automobile that I am hoping to sell. I believe it to be a 1925 or 1926. It is fairly complete mechanically, but the body and fenders are missing. The engine number is 8AP12400, and it is a 6 cylinder Continental. It has disc wheels and hydraulic brakes. I do not wish to part it out but rather to sell it as a whole. The seller is Gilbert Nordwald. Angela Hunke (March 2007)

Jewett Reference Book for Third Series Jewett autos. Mike Huppert (March 2009)

1926 Jewett: I am looking for a clutch release bearing. If you can tell me the bearing number, that might help. I think it is likely the same as used in circa 1926 Paige cars. Bob Andersen (April 2014)

1926 Jewett parts wanted: specificaly rearend parts; recently two teeth broke on the ring gear. I am also interested in any other parts. Rick Nelson , Atlantic, Iowa, (712) 243-2402 (October 2010)

1927 Paige wanted: I need one hub cap, steering wheel and the Paige emblem for the radiator. Dan Teague (August 2005)

1929 Graham Paige: I have a lot of original parts that are in great condition, some restored; the body is in rough shape, making it a hot rod! I need an outlet for the parts. If you can help, please email Dan . (December, 2012)