Texas Transportation Co.

The Texas Transportation Co. is a little electric line that once ferried cars from the SP a few blocks to the Pearl Brewery and to the Lone Star Brewery on the other side of Broadway on San Antonio's near north side.

I took some photos in the middle of 1967 with the family's old Kodak Rainbow Hawk-eye No. 2A Special box camera. Some are color; some are black and white. None are very sharp, and the color in the color photos is uneven. In one box cab No. 2 is switching a Santa Fe box car at the Pearl Brewery. In another a string of cars is being pushed east to the SP interchange. (My 1963 Corvair convertible is parked at the curb.)

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switching pushing

I also photographed a 1928 Baldwin 0-4-0T steam engine, Texas Transportation Museum No. 1, which was on the premises.

steam loco steam loco steam loco