Paige & Jewett Cars, Parts & Information

I. I want to buy/sell a Paige/Jewett? What are they worth?

My personal recommendation is to start with your local old car club. The members can provide helpful information on the value and availability of old cars in general and of Paige and Jewett autos in particular. There are chapters of the Antique Automobile Club , the Horseless Carriage Club , and the Veteran Motor Car Club in many areas.

Another source for cars and parts is Hemming's Motor News , available on large newsstands. My impression is that sellers ask top dollar in their ads and that cars may actually change hands for less money.

As for value, I feel the value of Paige and Jewett autos, making allowance for condition and features, is comparable to makes like Dodge, Hudson, Essex, Studebaker, Erskine, Hupp, Hupmobile, Overland, Velie, Moon, Reo, Chandler and others. The exception is the 1921-23 Daytona speedster, which is the most desirable Paige-Detroit model and priced accordingly.

II. For Sale or Wanted

Contact me if you wish anything posted here.

Paige Motometer: I have a Paige radiator Motometer I'm looking to sell. Its in very good condition. Asking $650. Mark Nelepovitz (February 2017)

1913-1915 Paige model 36: parts cars or parts wanted. Need Stewart Carburetor model 12, Detroit split rims and lugs for 34 x 4 tires (26") Bob Kuehn Cell ph: 973-513-1745 New Jersey (August 2015)

1920 Paige: Continental motor wanted. Don Scheppelman (February 2012)

1921 Paige Daytona for sale. Beautifully restored and running. Seller represented by Robert Spengler , (520) 240-8300 (July 2019)

1922 Paige 6-66 sedan for sale. This car has had an extensive nut and bolt restoration by L&N Olde Cars in Newbury, Ohio. It is a running, driving automobile. Just finished second at the CCCA Salem, Ohio Grand Classic. Ken Kovach (October 2018)

1923-? Paige radiator Have access to a 1923-? Paige radiator, and would like to see get reunited with a Paige automobile. Call Jim Eviston at 574 201 9280 for details. Photos: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

1923 Jewett 6 for sale: beautiful grey body and black mud wings; near showroom condition; fully restored twelve years ago; car is in Ireland. If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to contact me. Chris (August, 2014)

1924 Jewett for sale: aprildahle (August, 2018)

1927 Paige wanted: I need one hub cap, steering wheel and the Paige emblem for the radiator. Dan Teague (August 2005)

1927 Lycoming/Paige Eight cylinder engine and/or parts. Near Boston, Mass. Recently removed from a warehouse loft where it rested for the past 60 or so years. Seems to be in reasonable condition. Clean and fairly rust free. David Seluk (August 2017)

1928 Paige wanted: I have a ā€™28 Paige 6-65 sedan with steel disc wheels. Need one of the rim retainer. This has an ā€œLā€ shaped cross section and wedges between the disk wheel and the tire rim. There are 5 holes where the nuts secure it. Also, a complete tail/stop light assembly. Don Milligan (December 2017)