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Model: 25 36
Cylinders: 4 4
Horsepower SAE: 22.5 25.6
Wheelbase: 104 116


Paige made dramatic changes when it announced its 1913 models. A new and larger series was added that featured left-side drive, electric starting, electric lighting and center control, all new for 1913.

Two carryover models from 1912 made up the smaller line. The price for either, F.O.B. Detroit, was $25 less than the previous year. The Prest-O-Lite tank was included as standard equipment in 1913, instead of being a $25 extra, as in 1912. In common with the new Model 36 cars, the Brunswick and the snappy, graceful Kenilworth featured a silk mohair top, top boot, curtains, five demountable rims, extra tire irons, horn, pump, jack and tools.

1913_Glenwood 1913_Glenwood 1913_Glenwood
"Motor Age" Magazine, December 12, 1912

1913 Paige 36 "Glenwood" in Finland (Juha Kaitanen, AACA Forum)


1913 Paige Roadster (Internet image, uncredited)

The new Model 36 line had a 116-inch wheelbase and a large, long-stroke four-cylinder motor that produced 36 HP at 2200 RPM. Paige equipped the Model 36 with the "famous" Gray & Davis starting and electric lighting system that it claimed was found on cars costing far more. The starter control was on the steering post, and ads proclaimed that "A woman can operate it with ease and assurance." With the new center control, consisting of a gear-shifting, ball-pivoted rod, the Company claimed to be in step with the best of the high-priced cars. Other Model 36 equipment included a Stewart revolving dial speedometer, twelve-inch electric headlights, electric side and tail lights, nickel trim, and such features as license brackets, adjustable foot rest and nickel robe rail. Dark blue bodies with black running gear were standard, and, depending on the road conditions in the buyer's area, he could order any car with either the standard 56 inch tread or gauge or the wider 60 inch tread. Print ads for the Model 36 Glenwood five-passenger touring car showed a gas tank filler cap in the cowl, as well as the parking lights mounted flush in the cowl front.The Horseless Age Magazine, October 1, 1913 (corrected October 22, 1913) had a lengthy, illustrated article entitled Some Features of the Paige-Detroit Thirty-six.

1913_Paige_Windshield_Down_thumb 1913_Paige_Windshield_Up_thumb
1913 Glenwood Touring Car
Saturday Evening Post, Jan. 11, 1913
1913 Paige Glenwood, Bob Feldes photo


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