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Model: "Six-42" "Six-55"
Cylinders: 6 6
Horsepower SAE: 23.44 29.4
Wheelbase: 119 127
1920 touring

1920 Touring Vogue Magazine, June 1920

1920 sedan

1920 Six-42 Sedan (Steve Sunshine collection)

At the New York show, the company introduced a new light six called the "Six-42". Press releases at the time claimed, "Not even the Paige dealer had been given an inkling of what the new car was to be, so it was a surprise all round." It had a wheelbase of 119 inches, a 17 gallon gas tank at the rear, a Stewart vacuum fuel system, standard equipment Firestone tires, and was offered in two open and two closed models. The earliest cars had Rutenber motors, while later cars had Paige engines. Examples of the touring car and sedan were shown at New York.

The big six was still the "Six-55", which continued to ride on a 127 inch wheelbase. Closed cars in both series had flat windshields with small side panels, an early wrap-around design.

Company sales literature contained a frontal view of the "Six-42" sedan that clearly shows the v-shaped radiator design used throughout the lineup. It also had a side view of the "Six-55" sedan that shows the windshield treatment.

There was a bit more taper to the side panels in the larger models. Of course, the upper part of the windshields in all the cars opened as desired. Disteel wheels were optional on all models at an additional price of $155.00 pet set.

From 1920 to 1923, Paige won hill-climbing contests at Uniontown Mountain in Pennsylvania, Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, Spokane, Seattle, San Francisco, Memphis and elsewhere. Paige advertising claimed that on the straightaway the car could be slowed all the way down to two MPH without lugging, then move all the way up to 60 without shifting. The advertising also said that the car could take most hills in high gear.

1920 Sedan 1920 Sedan 1920 Paige 1920 Paige
Cathy and Jerry Arthur with their prize-winning 1920 Paige 6-42 sedan at the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday, June 12, 2011
1920 Touring 1920 6-55 4-pass Coupe 1920 Sedan 1920 Truck
1920 Essex Touring Saturday Evening Post, April 3, 1920 1920 Six-55 4-pass. Coupe (AACA Library photo) 1920 Six-42 Sedan (Steve Sunshine collection) Paige Trucks Literary Digest, May 15, 1920
1920-01-03_Glenbrook 1920 Linwood Touring
A New Paige Car Saturday Evening Post, January 3, 1920 1920 6-42 Glenbrook Touring Car Boy's Life, February, 1920

Elsewhere in 1920:

  • The 1920 Duesenberg introduces hydraulic brakes.
  • Leland's Lincoln luxury car appears in September.
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