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Considering all that must have appeared in print about Paige-Detroit, this modest list of documents surely scratches only the surface:

-, Annual Handbook, 15th ed. (Los Angeles: Floyd Clymer, n.d.), 225. A reprint of the original, published in New York City by the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce in 1918. Floyd Clymer, who died in 1970, was a dealer, motorcyclist and publisher, who began in the 1940s to print reproductions of automotive literature.

-, The Automobile Handbook: Gasoline Automobiles 1913-1922 (Los Angeles: Floyd Clymer, n.d.), 346. A very useful resource, helpful here in its discussion of horsepower calculations.

Betts, Charles L., Jr., American Vintage Cars: An Historical Account of Famous Speedsters and Record-Breakers (New York: Sports Car Press, 1963). The Paige Daytona, introduced in 1921, was modeled after the first and most famous speedster, the 1914 Stutz Bearcat. The author covers Graham stock car racing at the end of the Paige chapter.

Chiles, O. D., Paige and Paige Truck Serial Listing and Model Data 1910 Thru 1928 (Bowie, Maryland: O. D. Chiles, no date). Printed in the late 1970s. The author used various sources from 1915-1929 but warns there are discrepancies in the material, even in data from Paige-Detroit itself. Covers Jewett production. I have uploaded relevant portions.

Godshall, J. I., The Graham Brothers and Their Car. Automobile Quarterly,Volume 18, No.1. See this article for details on the Graham autos of the 1930s.

Howley, Tim. Somewhere West of Laramie: Paiges of History. Old Cars Newspaper. June 28, 1977

Keller, Michael E., The Graham Legacy: Graham-Paige to 1932 (Paducah, Kentucky: Turner Publishing, 1998). A chapter is devoted to the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Co., and the appendices contain additional Paige data.

Kimes, Beverly Rae, and Clark, Henry Austin, Jr., Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942, Second ed. (Iola, Wisconsin: Krause Publications, 1989). Highlights of Paige-Detroit history and a listing of Paige models from 1910 to the end.

Magazines. Paige-Detroit placed ads in popular magazines, and the company and its vehicles were mentioned in various trade journals, including -

Accessory and Garage Journal, American Magazine, Atlantic, Automobile Topics, Automobile, Automobile Trade Journal, Automotive Industries, Boy's Life, Collier's, Country Gentleman, Farm and Fireside, Harper's, Ladies Home Journal, Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, Lippincott's Monthly, Literary Digest, McBride's Magazine, Motor Age, Motor, National Geographic, Outlook Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Review of Reviews, Saturday Evening Post, Scientific American, Scribner's Magazine, Successful Farming and Vanity Fair

Orwig, George E., II. "Paige-Detroit/Paige." Antique Automobile. November-December 1998, March-April, 1999. Published by the Antique Automobile Club of America. An overview of Paige-Detroit with details of specific models derived from ads and from articles in trade magazines. There are gaps. For example, there is no discussion of the Larchmont in the 1918 lineup. Options and accessories are not always mentioned in the year they first appeared.

Wright, Richard A. West of Laramie - A Brief History of the Auto, a Wayne State University on-line book. The chapter "Dodge Dependability" deals with the Graham brothers.

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