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A Graham-built Paige

Nameplate: Paige Paige Paige Paige Paige
Model: 6-40 6-45 6-65 6-75 8-85
Cylinders: 6 6 6 6 8
Horsepower SAE: 43 43 64 68 80
Wheelbase: 109 109 115 125 131-1/2
Graham Brothers message

A Message from the Three Graham Brothers. Saturday Evening Post, July 16, 1927

Next Week

Next Week - The Literary Digest, December 31, 1927

The Graham brothers continued production of the entire Paige lineup for the 1928 model year. Whereas total sales for 1927 had dropped to under 22,000, the brothers were confident that 1928 models would produce a totally different result.

Right away they began to make changes and to plan for a completely new line of automobiles. By August there were certain mechanical revisions, some subtle styling changes, and some changes in equipment. New color schemes were introduced, new upholstery was used, and such things as built-in armrests were added. At the same time these revisions were officially announced, prices were reduced from $100 to $160 on all six of the eight-cylinder models and on four of the sixes. These changes marked a transition from the Jewett-built Paige to a new automobile.

The Graham brothers had ambitious plans for the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company. They built an addition to the main plant on West Warren Avenue in Detroit. They also purchased a plant sixteen miles away in Wayne, Michigan, to build car bodies. When all this was done, the Company had over 1,125,000 square feet of floor space to devote to the cars. In August the Company created a subsidiary, Paige Motors International Corp., to handle export business worldwide.

With all these changes in place, they were ready for a new beginning.

Elsewhere in 1928:

  • Nash ceases production of the Quad, a truck with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, introduced in 1913. (In 1918 Paige had built Quads under license during the war.)
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